Does A Rising Tide Lift All Boats?

I am sure you have heard the wealthiest people justify the flood of money that is rushing toward them.  They say, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Well, don’t think they will let your rowboat into the same bay as their yachts  so that you can mooch off of their rising tide.

What they know, and you don’t is that their yachts are on a different side of the ocean from your row boats.

The tide that is lifting their yachts is rushing from your side of the ocean to theirs.  You are going to be left “high and dry”.

So give up all hope that your personal economy is going to do well, if the wealthy manage to suck all the wealth out of the economy and keep it solely for their own use.  All they do is trade capital assets among themselves, inflating their value, and leaving only crumbs to you.

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