Scott Brown The Great Distractor

The Boston Globe produced an almost balanced story for once in its article, Dems hit Brown on student loan vote, fundraising.

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown joined other Senate Republicans Tuesday to derail a Democratic bill aimed at keeping interest rates on federal college loans from doubling July 1, prompting criticism from Democrats in his home state who said he was hurting middle-class families.
Tuesday’s vote was 52-45 in favor of starting debate on the Democratic legislation — eight votes shy of the 60 needed to move the bill forward.

College kids are drowning in debt while Scott Brown is following the Republican party line and will not allow a debate on the Democrats proposal for keeping college loan rates at their current level. It’s not whether or not he is for or against the Democrat’s proposal. He does not even want to allow debate on it.

Brown claims he would prefer a bipartisan solution, but he does not want to hold a debate so as to arrive at one.

How many times does Brown have to slap the voters of Massachusetts in the face before they get the point that he doesn’t really care for them that much?

The Massachusetts Republican and the state’s Democratic Party also traded jabs over his fundraising efforts in New York City and his call for his chief Democratic rival, Elizabeth Warren, to release law school applications and personnel files from the universities where she’s taught.
In calling for Warren to release her law school applications and university personnel files, Brown said he wanted to settle questions about her claims of Native American ancestry.

Apparently Scott Brown thinks the people of Massachusetts can be distracted from the life and death issues that affect their lives to concentrate on whether or not Elizabeth Warren should have mentioned her Native American heritage or should have kept it a secret.

I guess the Republicans think they can still stick it to the Native American population and get away with it. It would serve them right if they were all banned from the Native American owned casinos.

My grand parents told me of their flight from Russia in the early 1900s to the safety of the United States. With their frequent bedtime stories of their travails in coming to this country and getting a family started, and their descriptions of bringing their parents to this country, too, I believe that I have a Russian-Jewish heritage.

My granddaughter never got to meet my grandparents, so is she to assume that the stories about our Russian-Jewish heritage should be treated as so much fiction unless I can produce solid evidence of that heritage?

What should my granddaughter make of her Native American heritage that she inherited through my wife? After all, all she will ever know about it is what Sharon’s great-grandfather wrote in his brief autobiography.  Should we keep this a secret for fear of offending Scott Brown?

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