Governor Scott Walker’s ‘divide and conquer’ strategy for union busting

I wonder how plainly the Republican’s have to speak before the union members recognize that politicians like Scott Walker are not their friends.

Documentary filmmaker Brad Lichtenstein videotaped this conversation in which Gov. Scott Walker says he would use “divide and conquer” as a strategy against unions. Video courtesy of Brad Lichtenstein

I have heard rumors that the postal workers in Massachusetts favor Scott Brown over Elizabeth Warren. I wonder if these postal workers are aware that part of the reason for layoffs in the Postal Service was the unusual demand put on them by Congress to prefund their retiree health care plan to the tune of $11 billion. No other public or private retiree health care plan has such an onerous requirement.

Maybe Brown has convinced the postal workers that he is their friend because of a recently floated plan that would give an $11 billion cash infusion to the Postal Service. Like this is a subsidy instead of restitution from the people who stole the money in the first place.

Wait, you haven’t seen the half of it. Go to the web site that you see in the above video, As Goes Janesville.

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