The Life of Julia

The Life of Julia is the Obama campaign’s  hypothetical example that looks at how President Obama’s policies help one woman over her lifetime – and how Mitt Romney would change her story.

According to a McClatchy opinion piece ‘Life of Julia’ is a life without ambition.  After reading this commentary, I rushed to the Obama site to see the item that this story parodies.

I commented on the McClatchy piece:

Where do you get “life without ambition”?  She starts a web design company, hires people, provides a decent wage for them.  They pay taxes, stay employed, and fund their own benefits and everyone else’s.

The web design company provides a service to their customers which helps their businesses succeed.  This is how a capitalist economy grows.

I don’t see how our economy remains competitive in the world, if Julia gets no education, starts no business, and makes a life out of an ambition to serve hamburgers at McDonald’s for the rest of her life.  How is she going to retire on that income?


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