Obama Campaign Misses The Point Of Its Own Attack Ads

The Boston Globe has the article, Obama campaign got donations from Bain employees.  This time, I am not going to take The Boston Globe to task for the article.  My complaint is with the Obama administration.

Once again the Obama campaign misses its own point in attacking Romney’s business practices.

“We’re not challenging the virtues of the private equity business, or Romney’s right to run his business as he saw fit, or even his right to run other businesses into the ground while turning a profit for himself and his investors,” Obama campaign spokesman Michael Czin said.

It is not an attack on the virtues of private equity that the ad attacks. It is the particular crimes that Bain has perpetrated in some well documented cases. They buy failing companies to strip out all the assets, such as pension funds, health care funds, and any hard assets that they can sell, and turn these assets into cash which they then pay to themselves. In other words they bully their way to the head of the line in front of the legitimate creditors in order to take the assets and leave only the liabilities.

The legitimate creditors who would receive 50 to 90 cents on the dollar in an ordinary bankruptcy proceeding get nothing after Bain Capital’s interference. Bain Capital walks off with the money that should have gone to the legitimate creditors. Bain Capital drives many of those creditors into bankruptcy, but probably not before Bain strips some of them bare, too.

Talking about all the crimes Bain did not commit does not absolve it of criminal responsibility for the ones it did commit. Even one serious crime in a life full of virtue, which is not Bain’s situation, is enough to land ordinary folk in jail.

It is too bad that the Obama campaign can’t make a straightforward explanation of this important point. I wonder if The Boston Globe can take any notice of what I point out above.

I have posted the above as a comment to the article on The Boston Globe’s web site.

I think that this act of the Obama campaign deserves the following merit badge:

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