Menino criticizes Brown’s focus

This is from the pit bull of a newspaper The Boston Globe, Menino criticizes Brown’s focus.  The subhead is, “Says Warren’s heritage is not important issue”

On a day when Senator Scott Brown sought to fan further questions about Elizabeth Warren’s professed Native American heritage, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, who has not been shy about praising Brown, made clear he is fed up with the issue.

“I think she has come clean but nobody has let her off the hook,” Menino said. “It’s not relevant at all in the campaign. Let’s talk about the real issues: education, housing, crime. Those are the real issues we should be talking about. This is one of the issues that you [use to] try to divert as a candidate because you can’t deal with the real issues.”

At a time when JPMorgan is making losing bets with taxpayers money to the tune of perhaps $5 billion and might pose an existential threat to the world financial system, Elizabeth Warren focuses on trying to restrain JPMorgan and Scott Brown focuses on Native American heritage.

I think this must be a sign that Brown’s got nothing to run on.  If I were JPMorgan, I’d pour money into Brown’s campaign and perhaps even hire some private investigators to dig up dirt on Warren if they can find any.  It is clear to the big banks that Elizabeth Warren is a person who must be stopped from gaining any power.

You also have to wonder at the resources The Boston Globe is devoting to this story.  When was the last time they did any investigative reporting that turned up anything of importance on an issue of importance?  I realize that when you devote this much energy on investigating this story, that a newspaper has to get some return on it investment.  They have to try to turn this into a story with legs, or else admit that they have wasted their time and yours.  However, even if they can’t face the facts, their readers can.

If it weren’t for the funnies, I might give up my subscription to The Boston Globe.  Although maybe they are trying to feed my prime motive for subscribing by just extending the funny pages to their news section.

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