Jobs Report: Challenge Congress to Act, Obama to Fight

The Nation Of Change has the article Jobs Report: Challenge Congress to Act, Obama to Fight.

As former White House Council of Economic Advisers chairman Laura Tyson wrote earlier this week, “Congress left at least one million jobs on the negotiating table” just in the past year alone, thanks to congressional Republicans who are “holding unemployed workers hostage to the outcome of November’s election.”

That is almost enough jobs to close the jobs deficit we’ve been calculating since January, based on the number of jobs the economy would have to create on average each month—about 400,000—to bring the unemployment rate down to 5 percent by the end of 2014. From January to May, the economy created a net 832,000 jobs; to be on pace to meet the 5-percent-in-2014 goal, the economy should have created 2 million jobs.
But let’s not wait for Obama to lead. We have to push. Start by confronting members of Congress this weekend, before they return to Washington for more right-wing political grandstanding such as “repealing Obamacare,” as well as candidates running for Congress. Ask them whether they will take steps to put people to work on the work that needs to be done, or will they push instead for policies designed to enrich the already rich, while imposing austerity on everyone else. It will be up to us to make it clear to every politician, from Obama down to the freshman House candidate, that political reward only lies in support of an authentic middle-class jobs agenda.

One of the major messages of this blog, is that we can’t just choose between politicians at election time.  We need to push the elected politicians to go down the right path.  If we had gathered together to push Obama to fight harder, then the Republicans would not have had the courage to block his every move.  If we cannot stay focused on fighting this battle, then the battle will go to the only side that can stay focused.

The more the focused side can keep you worrying about your financial stability, the less you can focus on the root cause of the instability.  The root cause is the attack by the Republicans and their supporters on your middle-class life-style.

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