Iran denies link to attack on Israelis in Bulgaria

The Business Week article Iran denies link to attack on Israelis in Bulgaria gives me a chance to comment on the recent propaganda attack on Iran from the United States government as well as Israel. From the article comes the snippet:

Iran on Thursday denied it was involved in a suicide attack against Israeli tourists in Bulgaria that killed at least seven people.

There have also been a spate of reports of interception of Iranian plots based in many other countries around the world.

Until proven otherwise, I will take these as efforts by our own government to spread disinformation to our own people, in contravention to the law.

However, let us suppose for a moment that Iran were plotting strikes against the United States and its allies.  Would this be surprising?  We are trying to strangle Iran economically until they concede to our demands to stop developing nuclear weapons that they may not even be developing.  They keep telling us they are not, as Iraq kept telling us before we went to war with Iraq and discovered that Iraq had been telling the truth all along.

If you were a country that was being strangled by a foreign enemy with an arsenal that dwarfs the rest of the world put together, you might just give in to their demands.  If you wanted to resist, you’d know that a conventional military resistance would be suicidal.  The only avenue left to hurt your enemy would be guerrilla attacks (the enemy will call them terrorist attacks).

Given the history of the United States overturning your democratically elected government and installing the tyrannical Shah of Iran, might you be more likely to fight than give in?

What must the directors of U.S. foreign policy be thinking?  Do they think that Iran will eventually cave and that Iran can make no other response?  Do they think that threats and coercion are the best way to get results? Does the present political climate in the U.S. make it impossible for even (or maybe especially) a Democratic administration to think upon diplomacy instead of actions leading to war?

With the war in Afghanistan looking like it might wind down, are we looking for other avenues to keep the military/industrial complex in full swing?  Maybe we can engage in a minor skirmish in Syria until we have ripened the situation in Iran.  After that we have North Korea, and if we  play our cards just right, we can go to war with Pakistan.  Maybe in between some of these other fights, we can work Venezuela into our schedule.

Is the American voters’ hunger for war insatiable, or will the people finally stand up and say “Enough!”

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