Overcoming Mitt Romney Style Racism

The above video is one of a series from The Real News on Israel Social TV.

The titles in this series are:

  • The Judaizing of East Jerusalem
  • The Inability To Get Public Housing
  • Fruitful pressure
  • Refusing to Enlist in Israel
  • Israel and Women’s Disobedience
  • Polluting Occupation

So far, I have only viewed the video shown above. When I saw it yesterday, I wasn’t sure that I needed to post this on the blog. After what I learned in order to post Mitt Romney sets off culture skirmish over Israel economy, I realized how necessary it was to make this post.

If Mitt Romney thinks that culture is the major factor in the disparity between Palestinian and Jewish lifestyles in Israel, perhaps he ought to look at more videos like these. In America, he may think that the 99% are not as rich as he because they lack his culture. What they lack is the culture of having a rich parent, a privileged lifestyle, and absolutely no conscience about who they rip off to amass their fortune.

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