Fracking: New Dangers

Greg Palast’s web site has the article Fracking: New Dangers.

I haven’t posted anything from Greg Palast in a while. Here is an interview from the above article. The interview takes place in Dublin, Ireland where he is investigating and speaking about the dangers of proposed fracking in Ireland. The implications for the United States are just as frightening.

Is there a safe way to frack? Probably: but not profitably; and certainly not within the geology of a little emerald isle. I am weary of appearing at scenes of death and destruction when cement fails, pipes crack and tremors spew poisons only to hear a gas or oil company executive’s PR flack issue an apology. I doubt those apologies will sound better in Gaelic.

All that natural gas that has been found in the United States and that will make us energy independent will come at a horrendous ecological cost.

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