Netanyahu Bows to Popular Pressure on Austerity – This Could Happen Here

The Real News has the story Netanyahu Bows to Popular Pressure on Austerity.

On Saturday Israelis once again poured onto the streets to protest austerity measures and demonstrate against the government. On Monday, the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu decided to cancel some of the tax increases, but only after taking a major hit in the polls. The Real News’ Lia Tarachansky reports spoke to Lital Bar, a leading activist in the J14 movement that began last summer and saw two deaths due to self-immolation, and Professor Yossi Yonah of the Ben Gurion University who Co-Edited the movement’s comprehensive report entitled Another Way is Possible

After watching this video it becomes clearer why Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu get along so well together.

If you need any clearer picture of what life would be like if Romney became President, then look at what these Romney-like policies have done to Israel.

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