Elizabeth Warren’s politics rooted in academia

The Boston Globe has the article Elizabeth Warren’s politics rooted in academia. The subhead is “Fueled by original scholarship and singular ambition, Warren’s bold, barbed ascent to the pinnacle of the legal profession shattered tradition. ”

..Warren rose through the mostly male, intensely political world of academia on the strength of her unbridled — to some, off-putting — ambition as well as groundbreaking research that brought her national attention and grant money. Her ability to distill complex concepts into simple ideas and her intense connection to her students brought her student-nominated teaching awards at four of the five law schools where she taught.
However, Baird, the Chicago law professor who was once Warren’s sparring partner, said: “To the extent that people criticize Elizabeth for having sharp elbows, that was at a time where, if you were a woman who didn’t have sharp elbows, you were going to be run over.”

The article is full of details that I found to be very interesting and informative.  You get a little better picture of the whole person than I have seen before.  I am not naive enough to think that I now have the whole picture.

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