Warren: I’m Going to Keep “Talking, Speaking and Commenting” on Scott Brown’s Votes Against Women and Their Families

The following is from an email I received from the campaign.

Somerville, MA – Republican Scott Brown’s votes and views on issues important to women and their families have been in the spotlight over the last few days – and he doesn’t like it one bit.

Under fire by consumer advocate and U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren for his support of the national Republican agenda, Scott Brown sent a very clear message of his own:

“I don’t need Professor Warren talking, or speaking, or commenting on my votes.”

Warren released the following statement today:

“Scott Brown voted against equal pay for equal work. I’m going to keep talking about that.

“Scott Brown voted for the Blunt amendment to limit women’s access to birth control. I’m going to keep talking about that.

“Scott Brown supports Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan – Mitt Romney who says he wants to end Planned Parenthood and Paul Ryan who cosponsored legislation to outlaw birth control pills. You can bet I’m going to keep talking about that so the people of Massachusetts know Scott Brown’s record and where he stands — with his Republican Party against the interests of women and families in the commonwealth.

“Women and their families in Massachusetts are going to keep talking, speaking and commenting on his votes and his support for the Romney-Ryan ticket because Brown’s election could hand the Senate to the Republicans and enable them to implement their radical agenda.

“Scott Browns votes are on the record. His work to put Romney-Ryan in the White House and to put Republicans in control of the Senate is on the record. He has made it clear that he is part of a Republican Agenda that is harmful to women and that protects Wall Street and the big banks while it leaves working families to pick up the tab.”

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