The Real Mystery of Paul Ryan’s Marathon Time

The Atlantic has the story The Real Mystery of Paul Ryan’s Marathon Time.

Executive summary: the mystery in this case is why someone just stepping into the spotlight of national attention would risk telling an (a) entirely unnecessary and (b) very easily disprovable lie. It doesn’t make “normal” political sense, where you lie to get out of a jam, or because you think you can’t be caught. Now the details:

As you may be able to tell from my recent posts, I am coming to the conclusion that the Romeny/Ryan ticket is headed by a couple of con men.  Now this evidence of possible pathological lying by Ryan.

Am I ashamed of piling on?  No way.  If they can accuse Al Gore of lying when he said something that was true, I can surely say they are lying when they actually are.

The article above has a link to an article in The New Yorker Lie or Mistake? Paul Ryan’s Marathoning Past.

I particularly liked what one person posted as a comment.

from a post on another comment board “Forgetting whether your marathon personal best is over 4 hours or under 3 hours is like forgetting whether your spouse is a man or a woman.”


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