Sturbridge Politician Goes Over The Edge

On his blog, Sturbridge Selectman Thomas Creamer has posted, without comment, a blog post  Sharia Law Alive And Well In America – Godfather Politics that has a link to that same named article.

I am very surprised that Thomas Creamer would post such a link.  It is patently false in its assertions about the Democratic National Convention.  Furthermore, the referenced article uses stereotyping and intolerance of minorities to promote its political views.

I have always thought of Thomas Creamer as a thoughtful human being, who is willing to listen to all sides of a story and decide on a plan of action using logic as free of bias as possible.  He is one of the few Republicans politicians that I can talk to nowadays.  As a self proclaimed Lincoln Republican, he always seemed to me closer to a moderate Democrat than a radical Republican. His compassion for people seemed genuine to me.

His blog postings lately seem to be deviating from this calm approach to politics that I could vote for in a town election for selectman.  It is such a shame to see zealotry for the national party positions to rob us of a reasoned voice on the town board of selectmen and women.

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