Brown pushed STOCK Act, but bill Obama signed in ad was not his

The Boston Globe has the article Brown pushed STOCK Act, but bill Obama signed in ad was not his.

Brown has said that he does his homework and that he reads the bills that come before Congress. But in this instance, Brown’s measure was so hastily drafted that it contained exact language lifted from an earlier House bill on the same subject. And even after Brown’s draft was set aside by the Homeland Security Committee in favor of another version, Brown continued to claim credit in an encounter with President Obama. In January, Brown intercepted the president as he departed the House after his State of the Union speech.

In the greater scheme of things, this would not be a big deal.  However, if Brown is pushing the dishonesty meme on Elizabeth Warren for something that may be even a lesser deal than this, then I thought people ought to know.

At the very least, Scott Brown is claiming credit for something that others accomplished.  In the working world of engineers, having your boss take credit for your work is a pretty obnoxious thing for your boss to do.  When I had engineers reporting to me, I was extremely careful to give credit to the people who deserved the credit.  If something was accomplished by an engineer reporting to me, I thought that would reflect well enough on my management, that I had no need to claim credit for the work myself.

If I felt upper management was attributing work to me that was actually achieved by someone reporting to me, I went out of my way to disabuse upper management from their mistaken notion.  In one instance, that might have been instrumental in keeping someone who was worth keeping instead of potentially letting him look for a job elsewhere.

If I couldn’t keep my job based on the work that I did, then I was not worth keeping.  I felt confident enough never to have to work in a place where I wasn’t wanted.

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