An American Jew Travels to Japan

and finds a Jewish Synagogue.  He meets the Japanese Rabbi and introduces himself as an American Jew.  The Japanese Rabbi says to the America, “That’s funny, you don’t look Jewish.”

In my family that was a hilarious joke.  Perhaps you have to be Jewish to appreciate it fully. However, after enough of us had been “complimented” by acquaintances with the phrase, “But you don’t look Jewish”, this was our way of laughing at other people’s ignorance.

What has this got to do with politics? Well, if you saw last night’s debate between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown, you would see the connection.  Scott Brown said that he was absolutely positive that Elizabeth Warren was lying about her Native American heritage because she didn’t look like a Native American.

I half expected Elizabeth Warren to say, “Let me give you a lesson in biology, genetics, and blonde hair dye.”

Could Scott Brown be so ignorant of women to think that Elizabeth Warren does not look like a Native American because she has blonde hair?

The image below shows Elizabeth Warren in her pre-blonde stage.

Image of dark haired Elizabeth Warren

I used to just love hearing the name of a popular and excellent singing group in Portland, Oregon, Pepe & the Bottle Blondes.

When Pepe & the Bottle Blondes appeared on the same stage as Pink Martini, then you had an unforgettable musical evening.  How I wish I were back in Portland, sometimes.

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