Romney’s Magic Plans

Remember that Mitt Romney made his private sector fortune by promising to take over a company, cut its expenses, improve its profits, make fortunes for its investors, and  save the company from bankruptcy.

His secret plan that he applied almost every time was to borrow money to take over the company, strip out and sell all its valuable assets, fire the workers, steal from the pension funds, steal from the health care funds, load the company with all the debt that the temporarily improved cooked books showed, and walk away with a fortune for himself.

The employees lost their jobs and their pensions and their health care, the people who lent the company money lost everything when the company went bankrupt, and all the investors that bought shares to buy Romney’s stake to take the company public again lost their shirts.

Romney’s whole career is about selling people magic solutions.  Magic solutions always sound nicer than real solutions.  The reality in life is that there is no magic.  In the end, the books have to balance, the math has to work out, and when someone steals, someone else loses.

I accidentally discovered that when I tried posting this comment on Politico, that it was secretly  accessing your Facebook account.  It never occurred to me that Politico was doing that.  I thought that signing into my Politico account was enough.  This time I accessed Politico before I separately logged into Facebook. That’s when I discovered that you could not post a comment without also being logged into Facebook.  I guess Politico will just have to do without my brilliant insights.

I may also have to be more careful about logging out of Facebook before I leave a Facebook page and navigate to some other place.

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