Chavez Wins After Massive Voter Turnout

The Real News Network has the article Chavez Wins After Massive Voter Turnout.

I thought the US media told me that Hugo Chavez was very unpopular in Venezuela. Yet the observers say the election was fair and honest, the turnout was high, and Chavez got 54% of the vote.

The opposition party was trying to sell the same complaints against a sitting president as the Republicans are trying to sell against ours. Why were 54% of Venezuelans able to see the reality? Is it because Hugo Chavez is a real socialist and the Venezuelans have seen what real Capitalism can do to them?

About the only thing that could go wrong is that the capitalists in Venezuela convince the capitalists in the USA to make another attempt on Chavez’s life. Chavez at a UN appearance didn’t say that George W. Bush had the smell of the devil without good cause.

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