Obama Referred To The Death Of Four Americans In Libya As “Not Optimal.” – How Sensitive Is Your Bullshit Detector?

A thoughtful but conservative friend sent me an email in which he said:

Romney talked about “the 47%” essentially being a waste of his time. Obama referred to the death of four Americans in Libya as “not optimal.” Without either of us offering further qualification or context to those remarks, could we agree that both statements were outrageous?

Responding as he requested with no context, I said:

Taken without context, referring to the death of four Americans in Libya as “not optimal” is so insensitive that I must believe there is some context around those remarks that is essential to understanding what he was saying. (My bullshit alarm goes off when you pose the question the way you did. Do you have a bullshit alarm?)

That is my first reaction, before looking up the quote. I will now go over to Google to find out what he really said.

I, mean, I cannot understand why you would want to react to someone’s remarks without understanding what he intended. That is how I always get in trouble with interpreting many of your remarks before I find out what is behind them.

Follow the link

listen to the video with an open mind and tell me again why it is that you have taken such a dislike to President Obama.

I took a chance by stating the beginning before I did the research. I think that the result of my research shows that my bullshit detector is working just fine.

I later remarked to this friend:

Before your email, I had been unaware that this piece of crap was causing a stir. With your help, we may be able to nip this in the bud before Faux Noise turns this into an issue.

I find it rather silly that Jon Stewart could try to make such a big deal out of the fact that Obama was open enough to the American people to let the information out as it was being gathered. If he had been more political, he would have tried to suppress the information until he had all the facts. Of course, if he had been more Republican he would be out declaring war before he knew the facts.

Do you like politicians who react before they have the facts? I am not saying you do, I am asking a serious question.

The way Obama describes how he works, is exactly how I described an engineering approach to politics. Find out what happened, and then if something is broken, figure out how to fix it. Do you do your engineering some other way?


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