Romney Endorses Obama’s Foreign Policy

Hours before the debate, I had predicted to a group of people that Romney would come out as the peace and love candidate in the debate.  I had also predicted that Obama would be so surprised by this turn of events, that he would be completely flummoxed.

This morning, I found this response in an email from CarolG to me.

You were right, Steve!

What I find fascinating about these debate tactics that Romney uses is the tacit admission that his own policies are not acceptable to the majority of the voters, and that Obama’s policies are the ones to promote. The sad part is, that in last night’s debate, Romney put forward a stronger explanation of Obama’s vision than Obama did.  (I suppose Obama could have responded, “Yeah, that’s right.  Everything you said.”  Or maybe, “I am so glad you have come around to seeing my point of view.  Your description of my ideas is pretty accurate for one who opposed them so vigorously before.”)

Perhaps Obama rallied in the second part of the debate.  We were too disheartened by the first part, that we just could not watch anymore.

Given my past history in  predicting the public reaction to these debates, Obama must have won handily, because I thought his performance sucked.

As Sharon has just explained to me, perhaps Obama is just so worn down by the need for constant battle with the Republicans, that he’d just as soon turn the mess over to them and let them take the blame.  Of course Obama has no foresight this time either.  The Republicans can spend four years blaming Obama for everything that has gone wrong or will go wrong.

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