The Politics Of Weather – Is Nothing Sacred?

Received an email from Selectman Thomas Creamer which read in part.

In light of the challenges many have faced with respect to Hurricane Sandy, I thought it worthwhile to provide an advance notification I have received from the National Weather Service. Clearly this notification is preliminary as weather patterns can rapidly change, but considering this past week, it may be useful to residents to consider the potential for a Nor’easter next week. The actual notification from the National Weather Service is as follows, with the most relevant text in bold print and underlined for quick review:

Looking at Google News, I noticed that the only news source that they mentioned reporting this information was Fox News, Round 2? Forecasters predict nor’easter may hit East Coast election day

I looked up  the Weather Channel forecast for Sturbridge.

The Weather Channel was forecasting sunny and 44o on Tuesday with a 0% chance of rain.

For Wednesday, it did predict 44o and a 60% chance of rain.  Winds of 12 mph.  Doesn’t sound like a Nor’easter to me.

I wrote back to Selectman Creamer:

If I didn’t know you as a person of very high integrity, it might even sound like an attempt to manipulate the election.

Thomas Creamer responded that the link to the forecast that he sent was directly to the National Weather Service. He is absolutely right.

Also, note that the Weather Channel was predicting overnight lows that could result in snow if the “rain” they were predicting fell at night.

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