Econ4 Discusses Jobs and Job Creation

Another gem posted on The Real News Network.

It is so sad when the Republicans want to focus on spending cuts now and the Democrats concentrate on spending cuts later, but none of the mainstream politicians are focusing on what to do now.

When are we going to, as a nation, focus on the trillions of dollars of infrastructure work that we know must be done in the next decade? Do we do it now when there are lots of people unemployed, resources going unused, and interest rates at historic lows? Or do we do it later if and when we get full employment, the economy is running at full capacity, the interest rates are high, and any extra government spending will only fuel inflation?

Where is the sanity in refusing to do now what is the most appropriate thing to do now, and formulating a policy where we will do necessary work at exactly the wrong time in the economic cycle?

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