John Kerry: A few quick thoughts on filibuster reform

Senator John Kerry has the post A few quick thoughts on filibuster reform appearing on the BlueMassGroup web site. Here is a small part of what he said:

On the filibuster specifically,  I’ve actually been a broken record about the abuses and the need for reform – because I’ve lived the consequences. It’s worse than people even think – it’s measured not just in the hours wasted on the Senate floor in filibusters mounted just to run out the clock before 98-2 votes, but the real cost is measured in issues that never get to the Senate floor because then we’re told there’s “no time.” It’s an amazingly cynical strategy to create chaos and gridlock and then blame us for not getting things done or working together!

With Elizabeth Warren using social media to get attention for this issue and John Kerry backing her up on it, I think we may finally have an effective Senate team representing Massachusetts again.  I’d hate to see Senator Kerry depart for a position in the Obama administration.

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