Now What? The long-term work of bending the arc

Progressive Massachusetts has the article Now What? The long-term work of bending the arc by Harmony Wu.

The article concludes with the following:

Grassroots power is not turned on and off and back on again with a switch, at a moment’s notice. To truly build an effective movement, one that mobilizes true change, it takes long-term organizing, work, relationship-building, and collaboration with others who share our common goals.

  • What if getting better government and policies meant not just an every couple-of-years high-intensity short-term election push?
  • What if we worked on a slower burn, sustained and over time?

We have power; let’s focus it and put it to use!

This is the very issue that the Elizabeth Warren campaign volunteers in the Brimfield/Southbridge/Sturbridge area are struggling with right now. We are planning to at least meet often to keep the group together for just the reasons cited in Harmony Wu’s piece.

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