Legends of the Fault

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has the video titled Legends of the Fault.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham criticize Susan Rice for her Benghazi misstatement, despite their own history with misstatements.

How much more crap do we have to take from the likes of these Senators before we realize that the Senate rules need to be changed? We should not permit these demagogues to block a nomination from the President of a more than qualified candidate of his choosing.

Every person who backs what these two (or three) Senators are doing should be forced to have their memories refreshed by watching this video segment.

If these Senators have an honest reason for blocking this nomination, they ought to come out and tell us what it is, or STFU.

When Condi Rice lied, people died as a result. No matter what Susan Rice said, the consequences are miniscule.

What is the mental illness which is exemplified by people losing all sense of proportion?

From the article Asperger syndrome from childhood into adulthood, comes the following excerpt:

A natural reaction to the mess of everyday life is to establish order (although the greater the success in achieving a set, predictable world, the greater the distress when faced with novelty and change). For a person with Asperger syndrome this reaction may become pathological: for example, the commonplace collection of objects can come to dominate his life as well the lives of those around him, and if all sense of proportion is lost an obsession can lead to criminal offending.


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