Class Wars of 2012

The bottom line of Paul Krugman’s piece  Class Wars of 2012 is:

So keep your eyes open as the fiscal game of chicken continues. It’s an uncomfortable but real truth that we are not all in this together; America’s top-down class warriors lost big in the election, but now they’re trying to use the pretense of concern about the deficit to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Let’s not let them pull it off.

This blog is trying to do its part to keep our eyes open.  I hope no one was naive enough to think that the recent election meant we had won and we could all ignore politics for the next few years.  In fact, with the election we just staved off disaster for another few weeks.  Now the same forces that some of us may have thought we defeated are back at it just as if nothing happened.

So now we wait for the answer to the question that President Obama refused to answer in the campaign.  What is going to be different now from what it was in the previous four years of his administration?

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