Search for Way Through Fiscal Impasse Turns to the Senate

The New York Times has published the article Search for Way Through Fiscal Impasse Turns to the Senate.

The article discusses the possibility that the Senate Democrats could pass a bill that would prevent the rise of taxes on the 98% of the people that both Republicans and Democrats agree should not have their taxes raised.  This would require an assurance that the bill would not be filibustered by the Republicans.  The article goes on to state the following:

Republican leaders in both chambers of Congress appear stymied by a conservative wing that will not tolerate a vote on legislation that even tacitly allows taxes to rise. Don Stewart, a spokesman for Mr. McConnell, said the minority leader could not declare by fiat that a bill could be presented for a simple majority vote with no threat of a filibuster. That would require the consent of every Republican, and Mr. Stewart gave no indication that Mr. McConnell would seek it.

I hope the Republicans in the Senate do not promise not to filibuster the bill.

What better evidence will the next Senate need to prove to them that the rules on filibusters must be changed?

If the Republicans in this Senate play nice, perhaps the impetus to change the filibuster rules will abate by the time the next Senate convenes. Then we will have lost the opportunity to fix the filibuster problem.

I think it is worth going over the fiscal bump in order to get the filibuster fixed.

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