Filibuster Reform: Some Change Is Better Than None

Here is an email I received from Elizabeth Warren on her view of the recent filibuster reform. I am glad to see that she realizes that this is but a first step in the process.

Elizabeth                                         Warren for Massachusetts


I’m disappointed by the filibuster reform deal we passed in the Senate last night.

Since Election Day, hundreds of thousands of people all across the country have spoken out for big, bold rules changes to stop Senate gridlock. That’s not the bill we voted for in the Senate yesterday, and that’s why I’m really disappointed.

But some change is better than no change at all. If my new colleagues can compromise to reduce the use of the filibuster, even just a little, then it’s a step forward.

I’m new to the Senate, but I’m not naive. What happens if the new filibuster deal doesn’t work? What if the Republicans go straight back to the same playbook?

Then we keep on fighting for more changes until we get it right. This vote shows that we need to remain vigilant, we need to work hard, and we need to stand strong for what we believe in. We got some change, and we’re not giving up.

I want you to know that your participation made a difference. Without you — and thousands of other people — we’d have nothing and no hope for ending the gridlock. Now we have something, and we’re staying on high alert for what comes next.

Thanks for being a part of this,






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