Commentary: Beyonce, lip-synching and a sign of the times

Leaonard Pitts Jr. has written the piece Commentary: Beyonce, lip-synching and a sign of the times which almost comes close to my own opinion on this matter.

As in Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, the pop chanteuse who, it was revealed last week, lip-synced her show-stopping performance of the national anthem at the inauguration, thereby causing earthquakes in diverse places, cats to mate with dogs, blood to rain from the sky and the earth to begin a slow spiral into the sun.

My own reaction is more along the line of my comment on the above post.

It is called entertainment.  So the real question is, “Were you entertained?”  If so, then you got what you came for.

I know this may be shocking to some, but magicians don’t really saw women in half.  Do you want your money back because you wanted to see a woman sawed in half and then put back together?

Would the singing performance be more real if Beyonce’ had just depended on real electronic amplification and transmission across the world by real television?

I suppose we ought to ask if her beauty is real or if she were wearing make-up.  Of course there is no surgical enhancement to any star’s beauty.  Dolly Parton is really built that way.

I do understand the issue, though.  I was a little disappointed to find out that a camera obscura was used to create the realistic paintings of the old and revered masters.  I think I have gotten over those initial feelings of disappointment.   At least they traced things with their own hands.  Or did they?  Could have been done by an apprentice.  Now I am really ruining your day.

Let me know if you like or are thoroughly disappointed in the video, Huge Bear Surprises Crew on EcoBubble Photo Shoot in BC . Thanks to RogerG for posting this link on his facebook page.

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