Why Does CBS Evening News Suppress The News?

I mentioned the CBS Evening News Story Postal Service to drop Saturday mail delivery in my previous blog post The post office isn’t broke — it’s being robbed.  I was wrong about CBS Evening News not mentioning the pension problem.  See for yourself in the video below.

In the snippet from Senator Susan Collins (Republican of Maine), they do not have her mentioning the part that the Republicans played in this problem back in 2006. You notice that House Speaker John Boehner makes a cryptic reference to a problem that the Congress caused without mentioning that it is the Republicans that caused it or what exactly that they did.

The snippet of the remarks from the Postmaster General does not go over the major cause of the problem, which is the ridiculous pension obligation that the Republicans in Congress foisted on the Postal Service, and only the Postal Service.

So do you think that CBS Evening News has adequately covered the reasons for the Postal Service’s problems? Or is CBS Evening News cooperating in a cover-up?

You can see if CBS Evening News responds to my comment on their web site.

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