Stop The Sequester

Here is an email that Sharon received:


Remember the job growth chart that helped President Obama win the 2012 election?

It tells a story of an economy built from the middle class out — and you’re a part of that!

But all that progress — all those blue lines and all those jobs — will go out the window if House Republicans let the brutal sequester cuts take effect on March 1st.

If you’ve got the President’s back, click here to tell Republicans it’s time to act now.

President Obama is working around the clock to stop the cuts — but Boehner and Cantor refuse to even come to the table.

It’s going to take the muscle of our grassroots movement to back up the President and force Republicans to act. Join the DCCC, Democratic Governors, and proud Democrats all across the country calling out Boehner and Cantor before the sequester deadline:



Brandon English

DCCC Digital Director


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