Warren critics, take note

You are not going to believe this, but The Boston Herald has the piece Warren critics, take note by columnist Margery Eagan.

Those who like to deride her as the “fake Indian” should know: Freshman U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has done more for your wallet in the past two weeks than Scott Brown did in two years and most of Congress has managed in their entire careers.

If you don’t believe that the above words could be printed by this newspaper, click on the link I have provided to verify that I did not get this from some alternative world.  You gotta love the subheadline “Rookie senator on warpath in clash over banking regs”

I would love it if many of the people who fought against us over the election of Elizabeth Warren came to realize that Elizabeth Warren is a good Senator for them as well.

Thanks to reader DonF for forwarding this article to me.

Oh, by the way, you ought to read the comments on this article on The Boston Herald. The trouble that these news media, The Boston Herald and Faux Noise, that once you convince your readership of the lie, you have no hope of convincing them of the truth.

I like to think that the difference between The Boston Herald and The Boston Globe is that on the ladder of intelligence it goes from the bottom to the top like this, The Boston Herald readers, The Boston Herald writers, The Boston Globe writers, The Boston Globe readers.  (I am only joking on the square when I question the intelligence of some people.)

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