Why There’s a Bull Market for Stocks and Bear Market for Workers

The Nation Of Change has the Robert Reich article Why There’s a Bull Market for Stocks and Bear Market for Workers. He does give answers to the question the headline poses, but you’ll have to use the previous link to read the answers yourself.

I am going to concentrate on two things he said so that I can make some point or other.

Corporate profits are claiming a larger share of national income than at any time in 60 years, while the portion of total income going to employees is near its lowest since 1966.
Rarely before in American history have public policies so blatantly helped the most fortunate among us, so cruelly harmed the least fortunate, and exposed so many average working Americans to such widespread insecurity.

Of course I’d like to change the policies that afflict the afflicted and help the helped.  However, about 30 years ago I realized what I had to do to protect myself while waiting for the change.

I knew I wouldn’t become independent being just a wage slave – pretty good wages though they were.  I knew that the money was in being an owner, not a worker.  So I have steadily been learning and practicing buying companies through stock purchases.  In other words, I invested a lot of the wages I earned so that I could grow out of being a wage earner.  I am now retired, so I think I have succeeded, so far.  Of course the only real test of whether or not I succeeded will be if my wife and I can live a comfortable retirement until we are both gone.  Which ever one of us goes last might be able to spike the ball at the one yard line and claim victory.  That’s the closest we will come to knowing success while we can still know anything.

The only point of this is to show that I am not fighting for progressive causes because I will be a loser without them.  I am fighting for progressive causes in order for the world to work better for future generations.  My generation of this immediate family will be OK (I hope) whether or not I get my political wishes.  I wish I could say the same for future generations.  If I were sure about the future generations, maybe I could live without caring what the politicians let the extremely wealthy do to this country and the rest of the world.

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