Lindsey Graham Fails To Steal Page From Elizabeth Warren Book

The video below shows that Lindsey Garahm hasn’t quite got it when he tries to steal a page from the Elizabeth Warren playbook.

When an attorney asks the witness an embarrassing question, the point is that it is supposed to embarrass the witness, not the attorney. Perhaps they didn’t teach that where Graham earned his law degree.

If enough people watch this video, maybe the word will spread as to what a wind bag Lindsey Graham really is.

I was wondering if it were actually illegal to have a background check and fail it. this PolitiFact article provides some insight into the issue.

Jennifer Karberg of the St. Louis research organization that did the report told us that if a person trying to buy a gun indicates on the application form that, for example, he is a felon, the application will simply be denied. On the other hand, if a felon lied on the form about his conviction, that’s a crime that could be prosecuted, she said.


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