Former Sen. Olympia Snowe: It’s Time for Voters to ‘Reward’ Bipartisanship

PBS has the story and video Former Sen. Olympia Snowe: It’s Time for Voters to ‘Reward’ Bipartisanship.

As you watch the video or read the transcript. You have to keep in mind some of the record of Sen. Olympia Snowe. As the President was trying to get a stimulus bill through Congress, one of the necessities in a stimulus bill is to spend enough money to counteract the negative forces that are keeping the economy in recession. Olympia Snowe touted her most significant effort as cutting about $300 billion from the size of the spending package. Does this sound like the efforts of someone who was being bipartisan? Does this sound like the efforts of someone who even knew what she was doing to the economy?

At one time I had some measure of respect for Olympia Snowe, but don’t you think that there should be some consequences for what she did as a Senator? If she is proud of having prolonged the recession by cutting the dosage of medicine that the economy needed, we owe it to her to withhold our respect for anything she does now.

She is right, that we ought to reward working on behalf of the people of the country – bipartisan or not. We ought to punish those who worked against the best interests of the people – bipartisan or not.

The measure is not bipartisanship, but whether you tried to make the country better or you didn’t.

Sorry, Senator Snowe. You lost all the respect that you might have earned from your earlier career when you became so proud of the fact that you managed to make President Obama’s economic stimulus plan as ineffective as you could – in your bipartisan way. I don’t care if you are bipartisan. I care if you are working for my interests or against them. Your actions only prolonged the deficit spending by delaying the economic recovery.

In other words, your actions belied your stated purpose of promoting long term fiscal responsibility. For that, you earn no reward.

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