Excuses For Voting Against the Recent Gun Control Legislation

Here is the letter that I wrote to the editors of the Boston Globe.  It was almost published the way I wrote it.

Boston Globe Editor:

There is something I do not understand about the failed gun control legislation that was proposed in the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy.

The compromise legislation had a loophole specifically to exempt the only act that was related to that tragedy. That act is the passing of guns from one family member to another without any need for a check.

As I understand it, the guns in the Newtown episode were bought by the mother of the perpetrator and given to him for his use.

Given the language of the compromise, I don’t see how anybody could use the excuse for voting against the law the fact that it would not have prevented Newtown. It was very carefully written to not prevent another Newtown.

/Steven Greenberg

In essence, the opposition to the bill got it watered down to suit them and then used that as an excuse to vote against it.

Here is the link if you want to see what The Boston Globe did to the letter.

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