Elizabeth Warren Urges Us To Get Ed Markey Elected U.S. Senator

I was just on a conference call with Elizabeth Warren.  I wish I had a transcript so that you could hear what she had to say.

I will do my best to cover the highlights here.

We need Ed Markey in the Senate because he will work along side Elizabeth Warren to fight for the principles that we progressives believe in.

For instance, when President Obama and perhaps Harry Reid talk about cutting Social Security benefits to compromise with the Republicans, we need both Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey to tell the President that he has strong enough supporters on his own side of the Senate that he doesn’t need give up on our principles to go look for support among the Republicans.

As for the so-called debt crisis, if this were the real issue for Republicans, there are a host of ways to balance the budget by getting profitable corporations to pay their fair share in taxes for the benefits they get rather than ask more from people who are already paying more than their fair share.

The fact that the Republicans won’t do this just shows that the issue they care about has little to do with government debt.  The only issue they really care about is stuffing their own pockets and those of their supporters  with as much money as they can, regardless of the consequences for the rest of us.

No matter what you may think of the Republican rival in this race, we cannot afford to send a Senator to Washington that will strengthen the side that refuses to invest in this country’s future.  No matter what his personal views may be, the fact that he caucuses on the Republican side and will vote the way their leadership wants him to on crucial matters, is reason enough not to send him to Washington.

Some people in this state recently made that mistake with Scott Brown.  His one vote was enough to force a watered down, compromise Affordable Health Care Act to be the only way we could get a health care bill passed.  He voted against highly qualified Supreme Court nominees, but this was  fortunately  not enough to prevent them from being approved.  Why take that risk, when we can have Ed Markey in the Senate fighting on our side for the issues we care about?  Even if the Republican rival could claim he is on the right side of these issues, and he can’t, he would not be as strong an influence as Ed Markey.

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