Hard of Hearings

The New York Times has the OpEd piece Hard of Hearings by Gail Collins.

If Congress wanted to help, the members could simplify the law so I.R.S. minions aren’t trying to figure out which groups spend only 49 percent of their resources on politics as opposed to 51 percent.

Or, they could give the I.R.S. more money to do the job it’s stuck with now. The budget has been cut almost $1 billion over the last few years, while its duties have expanded. Next Friday, I.R.S. workers will enjoy the first of a series of unpaid furloughs thanks to that sequester.

Or Congress could just keep holding committee hearings in hopes that investigators will finally discover that the I.R.S. offices in Cincinnati are actually controlled by a pack of left-wing operatives who are not only Obamaphiles but also vampires. Vampires who had no respect for the laws regarding 501(c)(4) status.

Perhaps you thought I was making it up that Congress cut the IRS budget and then complained that the IRS was working too slowly.  Of course, this humorous OpEd is not proof.  She could be joking.  Why would Congress cut the IRS budget and increase its workload?  Nobody in private enterprise would ever lay off people and expect the remaining ones to carry on as if nothing had happened.

Does anybody ever get to hold hearings and ask Congress people to account for their actions?

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