Gabriel Gomez’s Qualifications

I have heard Gabriel Gomez tout some of his “qualifications” to be a Senator from Massachusetts.

As a business man, he claims to know how to create jobs.  Unfortunately, he does not seem to understand that private enterprise and the federal government have two very different roles to play in the society and the economy.  We don’t want our government to do what private enterprise is supposed to do.   We also don’t want our government to  shirk the responsibilities that it alone has.

He mimics the Scott Brown meme that he is open minded and won’t judge a bill until he has a chance to read it and understand it.  While I agree that Senators should understand bills before they vote on them, I also know that if you sit back and wait for bills to come to your desk to vote on them, then you have missed the opportunity to shape the bill from the inception.  Maybe some Massachusetts residents are satisfied to send a Senator who will just sit back and pass judgment on what others propose.  I want two Senators who are in the thick of the fight to make the government do what it is supposed to do and solve the problems it is supposed to solve.  Elizabeth Warren is one of those two.  Ed Markey would be the second one.  Gabriel Gomez would partially cancel out Elizabeth Warren.

Gomez was a Navy Seal.  I bet there are lots of opportunities to go on dangerous missions once you are a Senator.  Maybe he could have hopped over to Libya to save our Ambassador.

As far as I know, Gabriel Gomez is not a lawyer, but he wants to go to the Senate to create laws.  Not being a lawyer does not disqualify him, but he does seem out of his league when compared to Ed Markey.

With the ability to get anything done in Washington hanging on whether or not we can stop the Republican filibuster machine, I just cannot understand why we would want to send to Washington a Republican Senator from Massachusetts .  I just hope that the voters of Massachusetts have enough strategic sense to see what a bad idea it is to have yet another Republican in Congress.

Perhaps Gabriel Gomez has better skills than the current crop of Republicans at misquoting other people’s emails without getting caught.  Perhaps they are so blinded by their own hubris that they cannot read straight let alone think straight.

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