The Sturbridge Progressive Front

Jacquelyn Wells has started a new blog, The Sturbridge Progressive Front.  I’ll quote the reason given for starting the blog.

Hello Everyone! I am proud to be starting up a new blog to rival the Sturbridge Tea Party. We need to fight for the common sense values we as progressives believe in on every front and that includes the internet. For the most part I have only seen the Sturbridge Tea Party and their cronies posting their opinions of what is going on in town and I was really getting to the point of utter disgust reading their vitriol. So I decided that we needed to start showing the Tea Party that there is a strong opposition to what they believe in. And this blog will be here to voice what is often the majority opinion in our town. I hope you consider joining us and our cause.

If you are a Facebook aficionado, then you can see the blog reflected on Facebook.

We’ll see how this turns out.  It’s always exciting to be at the front.

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