Paula Deen Caught Being Incredibly Racist

The real News Network is featuring a video Paula Deen Caught Being Incredibly Racist.

When I first read about the Paula Deen issue, the article was about Paula Dean admitting in a deposition to using racist terms.  The article gave no clue as  to why she would be giving a deposition, especially one on this topic.  It gave no clue about when the deposition was given, nor when the acts that she admitted to had occurred.  I know nothing about Paula Dean, and don’t think I have ever watched her show.   I decided I could not judge her without more facts.  I thought it was possible that people were over-reacting.

I ran across the video below, which finally put their explanation of the facts before me.

How can a “white” person explain why the N-word is not offensive? Offensive to whom? It may not be offensive to the person using the term, but that is no basis for judging. The test is whether or not it is offensive to the people at which the term is aimed. If those people say it is offensive, then that is the only opinion that matters, and by definition the word is deemed offensive by any rational measure. You can argue, unsuccessfully, as to whether people should be offended, but you cannot argue about whether people have the feelings they say they do.

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