Elizabeth Warren’s Long Game Against Wall Street

Reader Supported News has the article Elizabeth Warren’s Long Game Against Wall Street. After rejecting a couple of theories on why Elizabeth Warren is sponsoring banking legislation that has no chance of passing and wouldn’t solve the problem anyway, the author posits a third theory.

It’s the long-game theory.

This theory says that Senator Warren isn’t trying to change individual laws, so much as move the entire political discussion of the financial sector to a different rhetorical arena and force other legislators to join her there. In this theory, Warren’s anti-bank bills and activism aren’t meant mainly for her constituents in Massachusetts, for the Internet audience, or even for Wall Street. They’re directed to her fellow legislators. And their message is simple: On issues involving Wall Street, the center isn’t where you think it is.

This makes a lot of sense to me, and it puts her activities in more perspective for me.  This is essentially the path that I wished Obama had started from the day he got into office.  Instead of negotiating with himself before even talking to the opposition, he needed to put out positions that would have shifted the debate. He needed to do that in a few areas at the least, if not in every case.

Perhaps we needed the debate shifting strategy 50 years ago when the Republicans started their long campaign to shift the debate.  If we don’t start now, then whenever we do start the effort we will only be that much more time behind schedule.

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