Chinese Scientists Announce ‘Safe’ Way To Create Stem Cells

Design & Trend has the story Chinese Scientists Announce ‘Safe’ Way To Create Stem Cells.

The previous method of accomplishing this had been extremely complicated–and as a result of that complication, limited the clinical uses of such cells. This new method however has no such drawback.  Professor Deng Hongkui of Peking University. the leader of the Chinese team, said in their study that his team validated “a whole new route” to pluripotent stem cells.

Besides the value of this discovery by Chinese scientists in China, there is another take away from this article.  Though much of our semiconductor technology is now in China, India, and South Korea along with many of our high tech jobs, we can always count on our lead in biotech to lower the unemployment rate. Certainly, none of the emerging countries in Asia will be able to catch up to our lead.  Certainly, the Republican effort to prevent funding for embryonic stem cell research in this country will not drive our biotech scientists to other countries to do some of their research. Anyway, the Republicans have a moral position to uphold, and economic concerns pale in the face of morals.  You surely know that Republicans think morality comes before business and profit.

Just as assuredly, you cannot find any irony nor any sarcasm in what I have said before. Moreover, nobody could see any circular reasoning in what I have said.

Remember that you will not find the definition of the word gullible if you were to look it up on the internet.

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