Glenn Greenwald Destroys CNN’s Jeff Toobin Over Bradley Manning and Snowden

The Real News Network highlighted the following CNN interview, Glenn Greenwald Destroys CNN’s Jeff Toobin Over Bradley Manning and Snowden.

Without judging the guilt or innocence of either Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden, I must charge Jeff Toobin with overacting, and Glenn Greenwald with under destroying.

Jeff Toobin emphasized all the foreign service officers who collected this information expecting it to be kept secret. He felt that Manning had betrayed these people and their life’s work. Toobin acted as if none of those people had any qualms about what was being hidden. Toobin acted as if none of the people in the know wanted to disclose this information, but could not take the punishment that would go along with the disclosure.

Then Toobin kept emphasizing the number of documents that were disclosed. Since when do we measure the damage to national security by the number of documents instead of by the sum total of the information that was disclosed? A person could disclose a billion documents, and not do as much damage as the disclosure of one top secret document depending on what was in those documents.

If Toobin has to resort to this type of exaggeration to make his case, it would make me think he has a weak case based only on the facts. Fortunately, no judicial decisions are based on anything Toobin has to say. So the merits of both cases are still left to be argued by rational people. Rational people are those who can step back, catch their breath, and can get control of their emotions before making arguments or coming to a conclusion.

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