Is It Difficult To Talk About Race?

The Daily Show with John Oliver has a pointedly humorous segment on this subject.

The question about stop and frisk is an interesting one. In my almost 70 years, I have been stopped by the police without much reason a small number of times. I can be frustrated by it, and yet understand the point of view of the policemen. I can then go on my way, and use the experience as an interesting story.

I can see that if this were to happen to me very often to the point where it made it difficult for me not to worry about being able to keep a normal schedule, I would have a very different view of it.

It surprises me that people who rarely get stopped cannot see how different it would be if one were frequently stopped.

You cannot fully understand all the details of another person’s life, but it would be nice if you could at least have an inkling that not all experiences are exactly like your own.

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