A Lack of Spine on Egypt

Eugene Robinson of Washington Post Writers Group has written the op-ed A Lack of Spine on Egypt.

America cannot determine the future of Egypt,” the president said. Which means the least we can do is stand for what we believe.

In the beginning, I almost bought the twisted logic that the Egyptian military was restoring democracy rather than staging a coup. How could I think that ousting a democratically elected president could be restoring democracy?  Maybe we didn’t like Morsi’s brand of democracy, but, as Barack Obama now admits, “America cannot determine the future of Egypt”.  We cannot tell them what to do, but we can decide what crimes we will refuse to abet.  By continuing our military aid, we are abetting the crimes the Egyptian military is now perpetrating. Using snipers to kill unarmed civilians is just beyond the pale no matter what orders you give to the civilians that they refuse to obey.

I wonder if it will take us 50 years to admit our role in this situation like it seems to have in the case of the 1953 coup in Iran. (See CIA Admits It Was Behind Iran’s Coup)

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