Rating Seriousness Of Crimes Against The Economy

New Economic Perspectives (NEP) has the video NEP’s William Black appears on HuffPost Live.

The legal culture of big-time settlements can short-circuit the law, protecting wrongdoers from punishment, trial or even an admission of guilt. That’s just what the government has done for the major banks implicated in sweeping mortgage fraud. Is it too late to rectify the big banks role in the housing and financial crisis? Bill and other panelists speak with Alyona Minkovski on this subject.

I post this especially for reader DavidF who thinks that money spent on welfare is as serious a problem to solve as is the problem of the country’s elites robbing us blind. So here are my numbers as hinted at in the above video. I am waiting to see David’s numbers for his case of the money wasted on welfare payments to the poor being as serious an issue.

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