The Wisdom Of Colin Powell

Talking Points Memo has the article Colin Powell Calls Zimmerman Verdict ‘Questionable’ (VIDEO) which shows the following video:

The TPM headline trivializes what Powell has to say. His take on Egypt and Syria was much more important than what they chose to headline. It’s not whether or not you agree with what he has to say about many of these issues, but that he invites you to think rationally about what you can and cannot accomplish.

I just wish that Powell did not have such a strong sense of loyalty or unwillingness to rid himself of a decision he made early in life that he cannot divorce himself from the Republican Party. Whatever his reasons for clinging to the Republican Party and not shifting to some other party, it would be enlightening to hear what they are. Perhaps it is one of these factors that led him make his U.N. speech about Iraq that I hope he rues.

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