Two Lessons Obama Could Teach The World

The question we should be asking is, “Should Assad  suffer consequences even if he is not responsible for the chemical attack?”

Another question would be, “If the rebels did this by accident or in an effort to drag us in, should they be rewarded for killing what the President now claims is more than 1,000 people?”

If Obama should take action against Assad and it turns out Assad is not responsible for the chemical attack, Obama would teach two lessons.

  1.  If you want to drag the US into a war, then perform a false flag operation that crosses the clear line that Obama has put before the world.
  2. If you do not want to be bombed by the U.S.A., you’d better have nuclear weapons.

Should Obama take the chance of teaching these lessons to the world before he knows the facts?  Is this the kind of lessons we want our President teaching?


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